New Product: KÖSTER Superfleece

A new product, KÖSTER Superfleece, was launched at the beginning of this year. The product was first introduced in a width of 10 cm as an insert and reinforcement for liquid waterproofing systems in corners. Now we can offer this product additionally in a width of 105 cm. The great advantage of this product is that the fleece is completely embedded in the liquid seal and thus becomes an integral part of the waterproofing system.

Due to the complete incorporation of the fleece into the waterproofing layer, the water cannot run behind the waterproofing. However, the fact that the fleece combines with the waterproofing also creates a waterproofing layer that is comparable to a waterproofing membrane in terms of its crack-bridging ability and stability. The system combines the advantages of liquid waterproofing with the advantages of membrane waterproofing. Even dynamic cracks can be bridged safely. The fleece is manufactured in such a way that it absorbs the liquid sealant and thus facilitates embedding in the waterproofing layer.

The product is used to reinforce waterproofing in corners and other areas at risk of cracking and for connection to drains, drains, and the like as well as for use in wet rooms, balconies, terraces, roofs, wall-floor connections, corners, edges, cracks, gutters, and other details.

For use with: KÖSTER 21, KÖSTER MS Flex Foil, KÖSTER NB Elastic, KÖSTER Deuxan, KÖSTER Bikuthan, KÖSTER Dachflex, KÖSTER Elastic Roof, KÖSTER KBE Liquid Film, and KÖSTER BD 50.

KÖSTER Superfleece is available in widths of 10 cm and 105 cm and in a thickness of approx. 1 mm. This product is supplied on 50 m rolls. The basis weight of KÖSTER Superfleece is approx. 110 g/m². KÖSTER Superfleece is hydrophilic, very flexible, and easy to shape.

In regards to its technical properties, the material has a tensile strength of 150 N / 5 cm, a maximum tensile elongation of approx. 90%, and a tensile strength of 20 N.

Application: The first layer of the selected sealing material is applied to the area to be installed in the appropriate layer thickness, but with a minimum of at least 1 mm. The KÖSTER Superfleece is then applied directly to the fresh surface of the material and embedded with a wide brush or a trowel without hollow spots, creases, or bubbles. Pressing on the KÖSTER Superfleece guarantees full contact with the substrate.

After a waiting time of approximately 30 to 60 minutes, the second layer of waterproofing material can be applied on site, depending on the selected waterproofing material and drying conditions. Careful embedding must also be ensured.

KÖSTER products which can be diluted according to their technical data sheet should be mixed in the area for embedding the KÖSTER Superfleece.

KÖSTER Superfleece has to be cut into corners and connections or cut to size at detail points. Overlaps through incisions or at sheet overlaps must be at least 5 cm and must also be carefully embedded. An overlap of at least 5 cm must be maintained.

Finally, apply the second layer of the selected waterproofing material over the previously prepared areas. The respective technical data sheets must be observed.

Processing examples of KÖSTER Superfleece

Application procedures of KOSTER Superfleece

Application procedures of KOSTER Superfleece



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