New Product: KÖSTER Iperlan

KÖSTER introduces the new hydrophobing cream KÖSTER Iperlan in April 2018. It is characterized by its particularly high penetration depth, which is often required for engineering structures such as bridges.

KÖSTER Iperlan is a highly effective hydrophobic impregnation for the protection of concrete in civil engineering such as bridges, dams, harbors, or other concrete elements that require a permanent protection system against permanent exposure to water, salts, pollutants, and other substances. Due to its consistency and combination of active ingredients, KÖSTER Iperlan penetrates particularly deep into the concrete structure and thus supports reinforcement protection.

KÖSTER Iperlan can be used as a EN 1504-2-compliant system. The product is classified as a Class II impregnation system. Penetration depth in standard concrete Class II >10 mm (KÖSTER Iperlan), Class I KÖSTER Siloxane or KÖSTER Facade Cream).

KÖSTER Iperlan
has the necessary test certificates and a CE marking according to EN 1504-2. The product is UV-resistant, environmentally friendly, and has no health risks. The product is applied by brush or spray. The consumption is 0.5 and 0.6 kg / m². KÖSTER Iperlan is delivered in a 25 kg bucket.



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