A roofing membrane with a long life

The commercial building “Coeur Cologne” at the Cologne main train station has as versatile as well as weather-resistant roofing membrane. The material comes from Aurich.

Coeur Cologne KÖSTER TPO Waterproofing

From this roof, you have a direct view of the Cologne Cathedral, a building that has stood for centuries. The roof of the commercial building “Coeur de Cologne” may not last for centuries, but at least defy the elements for a generation. The membrane is produced from TPO, supplied by the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG from Aurich
– with the remarkable guarantee of 25 years durability. The roofers subjected the material to an endurance test during the application.

The architecture of the “Coeur Cologne” is spectacular. The object was designed by the Architects Meyer Schmitz-Morkramer, the streamlined building towers are found in the Kuniberts quarter. Behind the high windows, it offers 11,000 square meters of office space and almost 1,000 square meters for the catering industry. Its highlight is a sky garden next to the roof terrace, which greens the open-air floor with soft waves. This too is a challenge for the roof waterproofing.

The roofing company Vogl GmbH laid more than one hundred sheets of Köster TPO 2.0 on around 4,000 square meters of flat roof surface in order to waterproof the three upper levels. The construction management decided for this particular thermoplastic polyolefin because of its properties. The material contains no plasticizers and can still be welded homogeneously. In addition to the rot resistance, which is necessary under a roof garden, it was important to have the extreme cold flexibility, which can take temperatures down to minus 50 °C, even if it only gets half as cold on the Rhine. The light gray roof waterproofing is now only visible for a few centimeters at the edges of the roof. Around the corners and edges of the superstructures, TPO 2.0 mated flexibly during installation and waterproofing safety. The versatile membranes eliminate the traditional distinction between vertical and horizontal applications, as polyolefin is both UV-resistant and microbe-resistant.

Coeur Cologne Commercial Building KÖSTER TPO Waterproofing

With its 20 years of experience in this special field, the KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG has developed roof waterproofing membranes that will not be penetrated even by the roots of strong trees, even if they grow quite large. The compatibility with polystyrene insulation materials is also proven. At this jobsite, care was taken to ensure that the minimum overlap of eight centimeters was not undershot, in order to prevent damage to the insulation caused by the welding of the waterproofing membranes. The roofing membranes are safely welded in a temperature range between + 350 °C and + 620 °C at the nozzle end. In the eyes of the roofers this is a big plus. The welding temperature varies depending on the weather and material thickness. The “Coeur Cologne” with its superstructures, terraces, and garden elements was no easy task for the roofers. Now it is
finished, without any flaw in the protective skin of this building.



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