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USA, Springfield, MO, TJ Maxx

Problem to be Solved: Project did not originally call for a moisture mitigation system. GC decided to perform RH testing and discovered the slab had an RH of 98%. With 4,000 Sqft of glue down vinyl already installed and 16,000 Sqft remaining he needed a quick and reliable solution!

Unique Characteristics: Demanding time frame. Removal of vinyl tile and adhesive.

Solution: Installation KOSTER Moisture Mitigation System

Application: First all the failing vinyl and adhesive had to be removed with a grinder. The entire 20,000 Sqft floor was then shot-blasted to an ICRI CSP 3 profile. KOSTER VAP I® 2000 Zero VOC was then applied at the recommend thickness. The problem was solved and they were able to get back on schedule within 48 hours.

Contractor/Applicator: Champion Flooring; Pittsburg, KS

Product applied



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